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“You’re not a real cop,” Frustrated mom drags SRO after she’s told to move her vehicle in school drop-off line


A Palm Beach County mother dragged a school resource officer 20 feet after he told the mom to move her illegally parked car out of the way.

According to WPTV, Pracilla Alejandro was waiting in the school’s drop-off line when school officials and the SRO asked her to move out of the crosswalk. She asked, “Where am I supposed to park then?”

The officer then asked Alejandro for her license and registration to which Alejandro replied, “You are not a real cop, you are just a school cop.”

The two got into a heated argument and the officer attempted to remove Alejandro from the vehicle, that’s when she hit the gas and drove away, dragging the officer for at least 20 feet.

The officer was able to get the irate parent to stop. He then pepper-sprayed her to subdue her and placed her under arrest.

The child, who was in the car the entire time, was brought into school by nearby teachers.

The SRO did suffer some minor cuts and scrapes from the ordeal.

Alejandro now faces aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer charges.

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  1. What a POS. An officer is there to provide protection for not just her kid, but all of them. Being a cop is pretty much a thankless job by many who are provided that service. And being a School Resource Officer at one time was thought to be a really low intensity or stressful job. Until the recognition of them being labeled as “gun free zones” aka target enriched areas. Now some communities are recognizing the need for fully trained, and sworn officers to be present on school grounds. This new enhancement of protection needs to be fully explained to the local community, that these are not the equivalent of mall cops and they are actual Police officers or Sheriff’s deputies who are now providing a new tool in the protection of kids. Apparently, this woman didn’t get the memo.


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