Home News “You’re an a**hole,” Man freaks out on officer as protest blocks traffic

“You’re an a**hole,” Man freaks out on officer as protest blocks traffic


A viral video has been seen more than a million times as a man in Plano, Texas freaks out and swings at protesters and an officer as a demonstration halts traffic.

According to Newsweek, the protest happened on May 2nd and was legally organized. The group was protesting the recent death of Marvin Scott III who died while in police custody. Protesters were on their way down the road when it got held up near a Chic-fil-a. That stall caused traffic to get backed up, resulting in the man getting out of his car and approaching the group.

After demanding the group to move, he began looking for an officer to force the people to move.

After some brief words, the man storms away from the officer, but not before shouting “you’re an asshole” at the officer.

The man did attempt to throw his fist at a few of the protesters who began to chant around him.

Despite properly handling the situation with the angry man, Black Live Matter organizers began to criticize the officer online by pointing out that the officer did not reach for his taser or gun because the man was white.

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