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“You’re acting like a child,” Georgia politician argues, doesn’t comply with orders in body cam video


A newly released bodycam video shows a Marietta city councilman arguing and refusing to comply with orders from a police officer during a traffic accident investigation.

Councilman Reginald Copeland faced obstruction charges after he refused to turn his driver’s license over to police, did not cooperate with the officers, and even called a city employee to demand an on-duty watch officer to come to the scene of the incident while the officer’s tried to complete their investigation.

According to 11Alive, The arrest happened on May 24th, 2019. Copeland got into a fender bender with another driver.

That other driver did comply with the officer’s order.

It was actually Copeland who wanted the crash to be reported and investigated.

After being frustrated by Copeland ignoring his orders, the officer attempts to shut the door and move out of traffic for his own safety. Copeland then accuses the officer of intentionally trying to injure him as his foot was in the door. Things then go from bad to worse from there.

“Are you gonna keep ignoring me while I’m trying to handle this accident?” he asks Copeland, to no reply.

Copeland is eventually on the phone with the police chief, but the officer tells his commanding officer, through the speakerphone, that Copeland is being uncooperative.

Copeland eventually hangs up and the officer again attempts to get the councilman out of the car, but he still does not comply.

Copeland was officially arrested and booked into the county jail five days after the collision, on May 29, records show.

He has pleaded not guilty to the four counts, but no trial date has been set.

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