Home News “You wanna play?” Man does donuts in Ford Mustang around police cruiser

“You wanna play?” Man does donuts in Ford Mustang around police cruiser

Screenshot from the video below

The crime capital of Tennessee continues to live up to its name, as unruly members of the community perform dangerous acts right in front of law enforcement.

Around 60 to 80 individuals engaged in a “pop-up car exhibition show” -an illegal gathering involving sports cars and tuners- in Memphis’ medical district last Saturday.

One video, taken around that time, shows a POV perspective of one of the street racers taunting a Memphis Police officer, who approached his vehicle in his police cruiser.

“You wanna play?” the man says around half a dozen times before exclaiming that he was “Finna do his a** in.”

At this point, the Memphian begins to do donuts around the police cruiser, with the officers seeming to do very little.

Finally, the officer appears to get out of the vehicle, prompting the driver and passenger to flee the scene.

Saturday night’s event caused major hazards and traffic disruptions for many.

“I had to make a U-turn. “I couldn’t get past here. They were all the way from here, past Burger King doing donuts.” Leroy Foster told WREG. “I saw the police call with the lights on but they were still doing donuts.”

Foster claims that this is a common occurrence in Memphis.

“Then I got trapped on Third and Crump,” he said. “At the service station. About 100 of them come in there.”

The City of Memphis has sworn to crack down on the events, but effectiveness has been questionable.

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