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World’s angriest cop blocker films himself assaulting corrections officer, now wanted for failing to appear


A YouTuber known for harassing law enforcement in the form of “First Amendment Audits” is now a wanted man after he failed to appear in court.

Tyrone Eddy, a 53-year-old Connecticut man known for his “audits,” was accused of attacking Coxsackie Correctional Officer Jerimiah Donnelly at a New York prison on May 16th.

During the attack, Eddy lunged at the guard, hitting him with his left shoulder.

“I felt immediate pain in my shoulder in the area he hit,” according to the complaint filed by Donnelly with state police. “I advised him that he had assaulted me and he replied, ‘Yes, I did.’

The Coxsackie Town Court judge waited half an hour for Eddy to show, before issuing a bench warrant for failure to appear.

According to HudsonValley360.com, the new trial date will be set when Eddy is captured. Eddy, who identifies as an investigative journalist, is also an FCC-licensed disk jockey.

Eddy is known for tormenting law enforcement with verbal abuse and utilizing his knowledge of local laws in order to film sites. In past videos, he has referred to a state policewoman as “Miss Piggy,” going so far as to call her a “f****** extortionist.”

In a video related to his charges, Eddy has made it clear he has no intention of going quietly.

“I don’t think I should go to court, to be honest with you,” he said in the video. “I think I should just let them come and get me.”

Eddy claims to be a pro-se attorney and is unconcerned with the summons.

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