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Out-of-work backup NFL QB Colin Kaepernick compares all police officers to slave catchers


Responding to the Not Guilty verdict derived from a trial by jury in the fatal shooting of Philando Castille by police officer Jeronimo Yanez, unemployed professional quarterback Colin Kaepernick posted a ridiculous image to Twitter comparing police officers to slave catchers.

Yet some people believe the only reason he doesn’t have a job is because NFL owners and audiences are all racist. These Kaepernick supporters apparently are not actual football fans who would know that subpar numbers like 16 Touchdowns compared to 4 interceptions, 9 fumbles and pathetic QB rating of 55.5 – as well as being hated – are likely playing into him not finding work in the NFL.

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  1. Kaepernick needs to leave the USA! He is washed up here because of his piss poor attitude and his lousy performance on the field. Maybe he could move to Great Britain and play squash! Or Canada and play uh, uh, the bongos??? He’s a real POS through and through. He is a card carrying member of the “Bring Shame To America” club and he does it well. I guess he’s found his niche!

    • Leave the USA. Really?!? I’m not a fan of his but I did sacrifice 4 years of my life protecting this country and all of our right of freedom of speech and freedom to believe in whatever we want. As long as what we believe in or say physically hurts anyone. This guy kneeled during the National Anthem to protest what he and many others felt is a big problem in our country. First, there is no law that states you have to stand during the National Anthem. (Yes, this upsets me too but it is what it is) You all know this. As peace officers, why aren’t you embracing what he’s doing and protecting his right to do this? THAT would have been the correct thing to do. But unfortunately, there are very many low IQ police officers who can’t think this way. They’re robots and simply do what they’re told. YOU caused this problem, along with an idiot president who could never figure this out. In summary, you want this guy to leave the USA because he expressed his beliefs in a lawful way? That’s your solution for this and probably anyone who doesn’t think the way you do. Are you a peace officer? If so, G-d help us!


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