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Women detained by store clerks for shoplifting trash 7-11, attack responding officer in wild video


You stay classy, Philadelphia.

Two Philly women were detained after after they were caught shoplifting last month, taking a tense situation up several levels after store clerks locked the doors.

When store employees suspected the women of shoplifting, they locked the doors, prompting the two women to begin throwing things, screaming and kicking the doors.

Outside, men could be heard egging the women on, trying to get them to fight the employees.

One man shouted, “Let them out, man, this is America. The cops ain’t coming.”

When a police officer finally arrived, he had to block one of the woman from attempting to flee the scene.

Resisting arrest and striking the officer, one woman had to be wrestled to the ground, all while her accomplice then began assaulting him.

Fortunately for the officer, four reinforcements arrived and subdued the suspects, leading them away into squad cars- but only after one woman does a bizarre flip and kicks them.

No less-than-lethal or lethal force appears to have been used in subduing the suspects.

According to the Daily Mail, the video posted to WorldStarHipHop on Sunday.

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  1. Police have EVERY right to use brutal force on ANYONE resisting arrest.. if it were a 16 y.o female resisting, you can bet they are allowed to throw your asses to the ground. I love how you all think it’s ok for her to hit the cop and employees of the 7 11, but it’s police brutality when the cop takes control of her.

  2. That bitch stupid as fuck…she wanna fight a man, then get fucked up like a man. Bitches being claiming black lives matter, get the fuck outta here! You see every body there is black. Not one person gave a fuck, until the one cop shows up and he is white and has to deal with this ghetto ass shit! Fuck them!

  3. Dumbass typical stereotype guy on the outside saying “this is America, the police don’t care, let her out.” WTF? Horrible person. Maybe the police don’t care that those hoes stole from the store, but the people that got their shit stolen do care. Wonder if that mental midget would allow someone to steal from him because this is America and the police don’t care. I’d say think before you think, but this dumbass probably thought really hard about this statement. Sucks that people like that get to exist in my world.


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