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Woman tries to stab deputy with sword, is found to have 3,500 'bladed instruments' after arrest


A Florida woman who tried to stab a deputy with a large sword has been arrested as authorities found thousands of knives, swords and bladed instruments inside her mobile home.

Deputies went to Nickole Dykema’s home in Brooksville to assist probation and parole officers who were trying to issue felony arrest warrants.

They fired several bean bag rounds at her after she tried to stab a deputy and refused to surrender.

Nearly five hours later she was shot with a stun gun after she armed herself with several weapons and advanced on deputies.

A statement from Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said the bean bag rounds had no effect on Dykema, who shouted obscenities at deputies from inside the mobile home.

The statement said: “During this time, Dykema utilised a large sword or machete type weapon and attempted to stab Sergeant Chris Calderon, missing his face and head by only inches.

“These actions by Dykema put a well-founded fear in Sergeant Calderon that he would be killed or seriously injured.”

Sheriff Al Nienhuis added: “This person was obviously dangerous to the community. It amazes me that these deputies were able to take her into custody without anyone being injured.

“It shows the level of their restraint and professionalism under very difficult and dangerous conditions.”

Dykema is being held at Hernando County Detention Center without bond. She faces multiple charges.

Deputies said they have removed more than 3,500 “bladed instruments” from the home.

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