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Woman trashes gym after being told she can’t work out there


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A woman in a Toronto gym was seen destroying the place after becoming upset and spiraling into a destructive mental health episode.

The unidentified woman went on a rampage in the gym, throwing weights, destroying equipment, arguing with members and generally being an unpleasant person.

As with most any incident these days, a large bulk of the fracas was caught on a phone camera, showing the woman slamming weights into a treadmill and a mirrored wall, causing a serious amount of damage.

“A dumbbell weight was picked up, a full-sized wall mirror was broken and that dumbbell weight damaged a window pane,” said TPD Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu. “Then, she threw the dumbbell at a treadmill. She was subdued by other gym patrons.”

All in all, the 38-year-old woman tallied damages in excess of $7,000 Canadian.

Interestingly enough, the woman’s outrage was all because she wasn’t allowed to work out there without a membership.

According to the Toronto Sun, the suspect was arrested, though her identity was not released due to the fact that she may be mentally ill.

The gym involved -GoodLife Fitness- have remained rather composed in the wake of the incident.

“GoodLife is fully cooperating with the police investigation and we are eager to understand how the incident could have been prevented. GoodLife Fitness strives to provide safe and welcoming spaces, and we are grateful that no one was injured,” GLF divisional manager Carlton Braithwaite said.

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