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Woman tangled in California cops’ sex scandal busted in Florida


Jasmine Abuslin, AKA Celeste Guap
Jasmine Abuslin, AKA Celeste Guap

Sept. 03–As Jasmine Celeste Abuslin, the 19-year-old woman sitting in the Martin County Jail allegedly turned abusive toward drug rehabilitation staffers, bit a security guard and offered arresting law officers sex for sale.

As Celeste Guap, she’s the focal point of a California Bay Area police misconduct scandal who claims to have been paid for sex by several law enforcement officers.

Whatever name she goes by, she’s unlikely to be going anywhere soon with a $300,000 bond on a single charge of aggravated battery after Monday’s events in Stuart.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the Wellness Counseling and Detoxification after, according to the arrest affidavit, the facility called about a “female client being abusive to staff.” The deputy wrote that upon arrival, he found Abuslin unwilling to discuss the outburst that prompted his presence. But she did bring up California, drug use and how many police she’d allegedly had sex with in California.

Later, the report says, MCSO’s deputy spoke with security officer Joseph Sanders. Sanders said Abuslin ignited after he said something to a staffer working with her. She tried to pull a large countertop safe to the floor. When security officers tried to restrain her, she bit Sanders. According to the affidavit, she’d told several facility workers she was HIV positive.

Guap’s incarceration in Florida clearly interrupts the California investigations.

Last September, Oakland police officer Brendan O’Brien committed suicide after leaving a note naming names of others who had sex with Guap. While several agencies have been investigating several departments since May, according to the East Bay Express, no officer has been charged. This week, a group of women’s rights advocates asked the state to take over the investigation.

Bay Area media wondered why Guap was flown from California, a state with a smorgasbord of rehab centers using many forms of treatment, to a rehabilitation center 2,500 miles away in Stuart. Also, who’s paying?

A San Jose Mercury News report says the city of Richmond, Calif., home of one of the police forces being investigated for improprieties with Guap, claimed no city funds were used. On the other hand, the East Bay Express says both Guap and her mother told the paper the Richmond Police Department came up with the necessary dollars.

The Express quotes Oakland attorney Pamela Price as saying, “From a legal perspective, it looks like witness tampering.”

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