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Woman on trial for gun charge steals weapon from evidence box in court


An Alaska woman has been arrested after she attempted to take her firearm from an evidence container in court – during a trial that involved her misuse of a firearm while at a Fairbanks liquor establishment.

Tiffany Flenaugh, who was initially arrested last year for drunkenly brandishing a .45-caliber handgun and fighting both bouncers and police outside of a bar, decided she wanted her handgun back.

Unfortunately for Flenaugh, she made this decision while in court for her initial arrest charges, and decided to try and pilfer the handgun from the evidence box.

According to KXDF, Flenaugh made it out of the courtroom with the weapon and no servable jail time (a 360-day sentence with 360 days suspended), but was eventually caught with her handgun and now faces a slew of new charges.

Judicial Services was reportedly unaware that the gun was in the courtroom at the time. They said they have since made changes and agencies are now required to let Judicial Services know when they bring a gun into the courthouse.

Currently in custody for her recent lapse in judgement, Fenaugh has been charged with three counts of third degree assault, resisting arrest by force, weapons misconduct 5, violating conditions of release and weapons misconduct 4.

While Flenaugh has been given the option of posting a $10,000 bail, she will be required to be on house arrest if she decides to do so.

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