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Woman has mental break during flight, gets duct-taped to the seat


More details have been released about the grounding of American Airlines Flight 1774 after a video showing a woman duct-taped to a chair has gone viral.

According to Business Insider, the flight from Dallas to Charlotte on Tuesday had to be diverted after a woman had a “mental break” on the plane.

In the video, the duct-taped woman could be heard yelling at passengers as they departed the plane. An officer was standing outside the gate waiting to take the woman into custody.

According to the TikTok user, the woman tried to open emergency doors on the plane while it was in the air. When flight attendants tried to block her, the woman then began attacking and biting the attendants.

Staff then “took the woman down” for the safety of the crew and passengers.

The pilot then made the emergency landing and passengers were booked on new flights.

No word on what charges the woman faces.

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