Home News Woman detains man until police arrive by grabbing his testicles after assault

Woman detains man until police arrive by grabbing his testicles after assault

55-year-old Maurice Gray

A Tennessee man is in custody after a woman he allegedly assaulted grabbed him by the testicles, subduing him until police arrived.

According to News Channel 9, police statements from witnesses and the victim claim that 55-year-old Maurice Gray returned to his Nashville home “extremely intoxicated”, throwing items out of the refrigerator and destroying cookware.  The victim is Gray’s girlfriend.

When the victim confronted Gray, he is reported to have upper-cutted the woman several times before pinning her down, attempting to strangle her.

Thinking quickly, the woman secured a grip on Gray’s testicles, prompting him to stop. When the woman began removing Gray’s things from the house, the woman again grabbed the man by his scrotum, this time keeping him in vise until police arrived.

Witnesses backed the victim, resulting in Gray being arrested for Vandalism and Aggravated Assault-Strangulation.


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