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Woman claims she was tortured, raped and denied medication in Ohio jail


An Ohio woman claims two Warren County Jail officers raped her and medical staff denied her her epilepsy medication during her 11-day stay in jail.

Claiming she was “tortured” during her stay at the jail in May of 2013, the 38-year-old woman alleged that the jailers shattered her shoulder bones during the rapes, stripped her naked, left her covered in blood and feces, used a stun gun on her and other crimes.

A federal lawsuit filed on Friday states that the woman was “so desperate for help she attempted to write on the cell wall, in her own blood, ‘God, please help me.’”

One jailer -who is one of the  two men in the lawsuit- said he did have sex with the woman, but that the encounter was consensual. While the woman did test positive for sperm in her urine, she was not able to positively ID the other men who allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Attorney Jennifer L. Branch says the woman’s withdrawal from medication left her in a compromised state- one which made her an easy target for rape.

“In her cell she’s put on her stomach. Three different officers in uniform are present,” Branch told local news station WCPO yesterday. “She can see parts of them and can hear their voices and she knows what they did to her.”

The lawsuit also claims the jail falsely told the woman’s attorney that she was being provided medication and that she was denied medical care.

On May 14, woman was reportedly found naked in her cell, “crying and mumbling.” She was released to a psychiatric hospital’s custody, where she was diagnosed with “psychosis induced by the trauma of sexual assault,” though there is no definitive proof that any such assault took place at the jail.

The woman was given treatment for epilepsy and released in July.

Branch said the case had been filed with another law firm, but that the case was dismissed.

“The case was filed by another law firm and after about six months they dismissed the case. They didn’t give a reason,” Branch said.
The defendants will have 30 days to respond to the complaints once issued.

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