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Woman claims she was charged with felony for being rude



See full dashcam video below.

By Brett Gillin

No one enjoys being pulled over by a police officer, whether they feel the stop is justified or not, but clearly some people take their displeasure to a different level. This seems to have been the case when a Virginia woman was pulled over for having illegal tint on her car. Her interaction with the officer would eventually lead to her arrest on a felony assault charge, and the woman claiming that she was arrested out of retaliation for her being “rude.”

The incident happened in Bedford County when a deputy pulled Amy Sims over in March of 2014, according to this article on WSET. Deputy Holt allegedly pulled Sims over for having tint darker than the legal limit on her car. As you can see in the video provided to WSET, Officer Holt calmly explains that even though Sims didn’t put the tint on the car herself, she was still going to get a ticket for illegal tint.

Sims, who seemed incensed that the officer would not give her a break, began calling Deputy Holt names. Holt backed away from the car to write up her ticket. What happened next would cause Sims to receive felony assault on a police officer charges.

Deputy Holt explained to Sims what she was being ticketed for while Sims continued talking back to the officer. Holt handed her the ticket and made a comment about setting an example for the children in her car before telling Sims to drive safely. Holt remained in the same position as he was when he handed her the ticket as Sims drove off, but only a moment after she left, Holt was yelling at her to stop and get out of the car.

Sheriff Mike Brown explains what happened during those moments. He told reporters “She rolls up the window and turns sharply to the right and I – that’s what it looks like to me. She was argumentative, at a minimum condescending and quite rude.”

When Sims turned sharply, as Sheriff Brown explained, she allegedly ran over a part of Deputy Holt’s foot. He then demanded that she stop the car and placed her under arrest for assaulting a police officer. While Sims claims that the charge was manufactured as a way to get back at her for being rude, Sheriff Brown disagrees.

“The intent. He thought it was there,” Brown told reporters. “Apparently the magistrate thought it was there and that’s why the warrant was issued.” While the charge was later dismissed, Sims claims that it was an abuse of power and she wants action to be taken against Deputy Holt.

“I feel like in my opinion he just abused his power, and wanted to teach me a lesson – ‘don’t run your mouth because look at what I can do to you if you get an attitude with me.’ And it’s not right,” Sims told reporters.

Sims and her attorney entered into a plea deal in September of 2014 to have the felony assault charges dropped, but upgraded the illegal tint ticket to reckless driving. The judge found there was sufficient evidence for the charge, and has taken it under advisement for a year in an Alford plea. Now, Sims is demanding an apology from Holt, but according to Sheriff Brown, that apology is unlikely.

If there’s a lesson to be learned in this, it’s a simple one. Just like this video that we brought you earlier this month showing a couple females being argumentative with police officers, it’s always best to remain calm and not get defiant in the face of police officers. Even if you feel that your rights are being violated or the police officer is being rude, getting argumentative with police officers is not going to end well for anyone involved.

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