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Woman claims she was being “human trafficked” on airliner

Source : TikTok

Yet another woman has reportedly lost her marbles on a commercial aircraft, creating a massive scene by claiming she was being trafficked.

The hoodie-clad woman —who has yet to be formally identified— was filmed as personnel escorted her off the Southwest Airlines flight, which was scheduled to travel to Kansas City from New York.

“They’re trying to put stuff on me,” she shouted. “Get off. Get the f*** off. Get off please!’ “

Grappling with flight crew, the woman resists attempts to restrain her, putting up her fists on more than one occasion and even inadvertently striking a man seated below her.

As she was being hauled out, she claimed she was being trafficked.

“This is going to go on TikTok so I look crazy, but I am being human trafficked,” she said.

The woman was adamant that she was being held against her will.

“If they have your family hostage, don’t believe it,” she said. “They use f***ing emotional manipulation, this is not real!”

According to the Daily Mail, some viewers of the video believe the woman was imitating famously-deboarded passenger Tiffany Gomas in an attempt to get social media fame.

“This is the new way to get fame since [the Gomas incident],” one user wrote.

“That’s a case of very bad acting for a thick tock vid if I’ve ever I seen,” another replied.

Others claimed she likely took an edible and had a “freak out” on the plane.

“Don’t do drugs, kids,” a user quipped.

Authorities have not released the name of the woman as of yet.


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