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Woman calls 911 after teen runs & yells up and down street because the Browns got OBJ


An Ohio mother was scared for her and her two children’s safety after she heard and saw a man running and yelling up and down her road. She immediately called 911 and stayed in her car until the police arrived. Turns out the teen was celebrating the recent NFL trade that sent Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. That’s according to WEWS.

Police confronted the teen who stopped and talked peacefully with police.

When asked what he was doing the teen said he was celebrating the Browns getting the star wide receiver. The officers and the teen then ‘dapped’ and he went home.

The officers told the mother what the commotion was about and sure enough, she was not a football fan and didn’t know what any of it meant.

The city of Cleveland may burn down if the Browns actually win the Super Bowl, which Vegas puts at 14-to-1.

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