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Woman arrested after filming herself deface the memorial of slain Chicago police officer


Police in Illinois have identified an individual arrested for reportedly defacing a memorial dedicated to fallen Chicago Policewoman Ella French.

26-year-old Anna Kochakian filmed herself tearing down a photo of French placed at the memorial, mere days after French was gunned down in the streets of the Windy City last year.

Sporting short hair, a hip turtleneck and an icy scowl in her mugshot, Kochakian looks about as one would expect for someone accused of defacing a police memorial, complete with her old Twitter handles, “ReadMarxSuckers” and “gardencommunist.”

A self-described “Anarcho Communist,” Kochakian filmed her act, which made hunting her down an easier task for law enforcement.

“The offender was arrested using the handcuffs of Officer Carlos Yanez Jr., her partner,” Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown tweeted. “This was a moment of justice for Ella, her family, the Chicago Police Department, and all those who knew and loved Ella.”

According to the New York Post, the AnCom faces a felony charge of defacing a police memorial.

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  1. This woman needs to be locked up for a long long time for the public’s safety. She had no reason to do anything to Officers French’s Memorial. This woman takes joy in being evil and will not stop being evil unless she is locked away. LOCK HER UP!!!!!

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