Home News Wisconsin officer overdoses on fentanyl while talking to driver

Wisconsin officer overdoses on fentanyl while talking to driver


A Wisconsin police officer is recovering after she was exposed to the dangerous and illegal drug, fentanyl.

According to TMJ4, multiple Glendale police officers were responding to a call of two unresponsive people in a vehicle.

Officers took precautions while reviving the two people, wearing gloves and face masks.

As things were wrapping up, the female officer inhaled some of the fentanyl that came off the one person’s jacket and she immediately went into shock.

“It was short, sudden and unexpected. An unexpected burst of that powder went into the air,” said North Shore Fire Captain Dan Tyk.

Paramedics were able to treat her at the scene.

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  1. OMG! Please make it stop.
    1) Fentanyl is more powerful than morphine or heroine.
    2) The chances of an occupational exposure like this are virtually zero
    3) Fentanyl does NOT cause shock: it’s a respiratory depressant.


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