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Wisconsin man calls for riots, killing of police officers


A Wisconsin man has been charged with making threats towards law enforcement officers on Facebook, claiming that individuals need to riot and kill police.

33-year-old Racine resident Darryl Hibbler was arrested for counts of terroristic threats and bail jumping, following an infantile tirade he made against police on social media.

Last Thursday, Hibbler -who used his real name on his profile- wrote that. “People need to start killing cops,” and that “Ever body [sic] need[s] to come together [and] riot in the street.”

While Hibbler’s inability to form a proper sentence would cause many to dismiss him, the local police took the threat very seriously.

Hauling him in, local authorities demanded an explanation.

According to Fox 6, Hibbler admitted to making the posts in the aftermath of a friend being slain by police, claiming he “said that stuff out of anger,” and that he “is not going to kill a cop or anyone else.”

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