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Wife owns ‘Sovereign Citizen’ in video, tells her husband “thanks for f***ing up my life” during traffic stop


A Sovereign Citizen in Philadelphia was shut down by his wife faster than the police ever could, after the man attempted to turn a simple traffic stop into a verbal confrontation.

The man, who was driving on an expired registration under the premise of being a Moorish Sovereign Citizen, was stopped by PPD Officer Kincaid for having a center tail light out.

Before even getting to explain why he stopped the driver, the Moor began demanding badge numbers, names and “bond claim number.”

Managing to look both annoyed and confused at the same time, Kincaid prepared himself for a lengthy altercation.

Suddenly, the man’s wife spoke up, demanding her husband picked his battles.

In the video she says, “excuse me, can you give him your license, registration and [proof of] insurance?” she asked. “We have our child in the car, I’m not doing it.”

Kincaid then looked into the back of the car, noting that the child was there.

“Don’t make this any more difficult than it needs to be,” he told the driver.

“You can ‘stand up for yourself’ another time,” the wife told her husband.

The husband eventually gives in, and Kincaid takes the information back to his cruiser.

While waiting for Kincaid to run the information, the wife chastised her husband for having an attitude from the get-go.

“They ain’t even talk to you all crazy,” she said. “But you start talking to them all crazy.”

“I’m traveling,” she added mockingly, casting shade upon a common belief of the sovereign citizen movement.

Upon his return, Kincaid explained that the vehicle registration expired in May and -by the laws of Philadelphia- the vehicle had to be towed.

Upon asking for the keys of the vehicle, Kincaid was bombarded with demands for a supervisor. When he offered to call a supervisor in exchange for the keys, the driver told him he wouldn’t do anything until a supervisor arrived.

“Alright, sir,” Kincaid said. “It’s not gonna end well, I’m gonna let you know that right now.”

“You can’t take my car, man,” the driver said.

Soon, the wife was filming from her porch as the tow truck hooked up the family vehicle.

“Look at my ‘Sovereign Citizen’ husband,” the woman said. “He wanna be a ‘Moorish Citizen,’ he has a ‘right to travel.’”

She then blasted the Moorish/Sovereign Citizen movement for making YouTube videos and pretending to understand how the law works.

“Y’all [expletive] on here makin’ this YouTube sh*t,” she said. “Look, they impounding his sh*t. Thanks a lot, Honey. We can’t make it to our daughter’s doctor’s appointments, you can’t go to work, you can’t do sh*t- because you’re trying to be a Moor Citizen.”

“First the car,” she lamented. “Next thing, it’ll be the house, and your credit score will drop. Thanks a lot, Moor Citizens, you f**ked up my life.”

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