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Wife of Indiana sheriff gets police chief demoted by digging up old raunchy Facebook post

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A grudge between an Indiana sheriff’s wife and a city’s police chief has created a rift between two law enforcement agencies.

Lebanon Police Chief Tyson Warmoth was demoted to captain after an old and raunchy Facebook post was exposed last week.

The Boone County Sheriff’s wife, Linda Nielsen, has confirmed with the Indianapolis Star that she was the one who kept the since-deleted post and decided to share it with the public.

She told the paper her daughter, Taylor, was assaulted and abused by officers under Chief Warmoth’s watch.

Mrs. Nielsen stated her daughter, who was a Lebanon police officer, was denied PTSD counselors after investigating the death of a four-year-old child, was forced to spend a night drinking with other officers at a strip club, was then tased by her supervisor that same night, was sexually harassed by another officer, and Chief Warmoth did nothing despite Taylor telling him what was happening.

Taylor says she suffers from PTSD from the events and even attempted to commit suicide nearly three years ago.

She eventually transferred out to her the sheriff’s office which her father oversees.

When Nielsen learned about what her daughter was going through she began keeping anything she could to use against the now-former chief.

The Nielsen family has a lawsuit against the city. Linda decided to share the Facebook post after she received a letter which blamed her husband for Taylor’s PTSD.

In the Facebook post, Warmoth called mothers of his son’s friends “sluts.”

He has admitted to writing the post, but denied it as a reflection of his character.

Right now the city is in the middle of a Mayorial election. Linda hopes by exposing the truth it forces both candidates to take action against Warmoth.

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