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White NAACP leader claimed her family left 'deep south' after they were threatened, harassed by white police officer


A newly uncovered Rachel Dolezal interview shows just how far she went in deceiving people into believing she was a black woman.

According to an article in today’s Daily Mail, the interview from earlier this year, has Dolezal sharing stories about her black family, including one in which she details her father’s exodus from the Deep South after he assaulted a police officer.

Screen shot from video showing two photos of Dolezal, one as a child and another of a recent image of her.
Screen shot from video showing two photos of Dolezal, one as a child and another of her now.

‘My dad’s exodus, the great migration to the North from the Deep South where they left on the midnight train because a white officer harassed and threatened to, was about ready to, beat his dad with a billy club and he whipped around and actually slapped the officer to his knees,’ Dolezal said while being interviewed by Taylor Weech for a podcast of her father’s journey.’

She goes on to claim he became a cop himself in San Diego after also serving in the Marines.

‘He has 24 years in the Marines too, so of course had three attempts on his life by white subordinates in the military because he was a superior officer,’ she said in the interview.

This story about her fictitious father could perhaps be true, but about Albert Wilkerson, the black man Dolezal has falsely claimed is her father on numerous occasions to both the press and her chapter of the NAACP.

The Spokesman Review in Spokane reported Saturday that Wilkerson implied in a brief telephone interview that he was not her father. Wilkerson said that he has “nothing negative to say about Rachel” and was reluctant to get involved in the controversy.

“I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus,” Wilkerson said. Asked about social media postings in which Dolezal identifies him as her father, Wilkerson replied: “You know the answer to that, and that’s all I’m going to say,” then hung up.

Rachel’s actual mother and father are white and live in Montana. They told reporters this week that they have had no contact with their daughter in years.

Rachel’s parents have said that their daughter began to “disguise herself” after they adopted four African-American children more than a decade ago. Rachel later married and divorced a black man and graduated from historically black Howard University.

Dolezal announced Monday that she was stepping down as president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP.


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  1. Society has no use for someone who shows such weakness. What I mean by that is simple. Rather than living as an independent individual, she and many others become carbon copies of what is coined “cool”. Disgusting.