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“White is not a culture,” two ASU students driven out of multicultural space for ‘Police Lives Matter’ sticker


Two Arizona State University students will not be allowed back in the University’s multicultural area after two “activists” confront them for having what they called racist stickers on their laptops.

The sticker in question read, “Police Lives Matter.”

In the viral video, one student had the sticker on his laptop and the other wore a shirt saying, “Don’t vote for Biden.” The two women students confronting their white counterparts state that they are “uncomfortable” with their presence and that they are not welcomed in the multicultural space.

When the anti-Biden-wearing student rhetorically asks, “white’s not a culture?” The woman recording the confrontation reminds him that no, white is not a culture and that they are not the center of attention in that study area.

Arizona State University is aware of the video and gave Fox News a statement saying in part, “The Dean of Students Office will be discussing it with all involved.”

Eventually, the two women claim that both white, male students are racist for supporting police stating, “You are racist. Your sticker’s racist because police, that’s a job, you can choose to be a police. I didn’t choose to be black,”

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