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WhataBurger under fire for refusing to serve police officers


There seems to be a disturbing and growing trend around the country, where employees at fast food restaurant chains make the unilateral decision to refuse service to police officers.

The expected, swift reaction from management – as is the case here too – is an apology for that employee’s despicable actions.

The latest incident involving officers who were denied service was in North Texas at the Whataburger’s Lewisville location.

The Milford Police Chief responded when finding out it was one of his officers involved in this case. He told the Daily Caller News Foundation, “I don’t want any man to lose his job because of a bad choice…. he needs to go some sort of sensitivity training.”

But it may be too late for that. Several media outlets are reporting that the employee who refused to serve the officers at Whataburger has already been fired.

In uniform, Officers Michael Magovern and Cameron Beckham were heading out to work off-duty traffic safety at a construction site. They stopped at the restaurant for a quick bite Tuesday night when, before they could even order, a man behind the counter looked at Magovern and said, “We don’t serve police officers.”

Magovern said, about the man who identified himself as a manager, “He said it with a straight face, no smile, and just stared at us,” according to the local CBS affiliate.

At first, the officers said they thought the employee was joking, but when the expression on his face didn’t change, they left — with no food.

Whataburger responded on Twitter saying, “We would never condone this action and this is completely unacceptable. We are working hard to address this as soon as possible.”

Outraged customers, who live in the area, are turning to social media to respond: “this is 100% not what we stand for…it’s never acceptable to refuse service to a police officer.”

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  1. Why doesn’t the article say anything about firing the idiotic loser who refused to serve police officers. Ironic that if they were being attacked they surely wouldn’t hesitate to call police for help. Too bad the police can’t refuse to serve losers like this. I sure hope this employee was fired.

  2. It only takes 1 idiot saying or doing something stupid to bring down a small business owner. They are some of the same people who think they deserve a much higher hourly wage than what they are worth. They believe if they show up for work, they are doing their employer a favor and are owed big-time. Very sad for the restaurant, that employee and the community. It also just shows us what our police have to deal with on a daily basis.