Home Videos Watch: The Super Troopers 2 trailer is HERE

Watch: The Super Troopers 2 trailer is HERE


The Super Troopers 2 trailer has finally hit the internet, 17 years after the first movie became a long-running joke for law-enforcement.

The “OFFICIAL RED BAND TRAILER” hit YouTube today, promising a load of laughs for viewers who go see the film on April 20th (yes, 4/20).

The premise of the film has the Vermont State Police phasing out a Canadian “Mountie” unit after a Canadian town is discovered to legally be in United States territory.

There are bears, bald eagles, guns, French-speakers and of course, a liter of cola.

Fans have been waiting nearly two decades for the Broken Lizard comedy troupe to come out with the much-anticipated film, which is sure to keep the box office busy.

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