Home News Wannabe cop-killer only gets 4 years for shooting officer in assassination attempt

Wannabe cop-killer only gets 4 years for shooting officer in assassination attempt

David Mejia, who faced 25 years in prison but was only sentenced to 4 after intentionally trying to kill an police officer

Injustice is alive and well in South Florida as a man convicted of shooting a Miami Gardens Police officer is sentenced to only four years in prison following a plea deal.

David Mejia will receive less than 4 years of prison and 10 years of probation for his 2016 ambush of Officer David Starling, who was writing up a crash report in his patrol car when Mejia struck him with gunfire during a drive by.

When officers began chase, Mejia “leaned out the window with a firearm and began to fire at the officers,” MGPD Chief Antonio Brooklen said.

During the trial, Mejia was less-than amicable, engaging in bizarre diatribe:

“Don’t talk about the facts of the case, sir,” Mejia’s public defender said.

“How ’bout you don’t talk? You work for them, Ku Klux Klan member,” Mejia said.

“OK, sir, you should listen to your attorney,” the judge said. “He’s your public defender. He’s here to protect your rights.”

“I’m representing myself, ma’am,” Mejia said. “I’m representing myself, ma’am, and I got a lawyer.”

Mejia also referenced Trayvon Martin, the young youth who was killed in a self-defense case in 2012.

“Y’all got more blood on y’all than I got blood on my hands,” Mejia said. “What about my little brother, Trayvon?”

According to ABC10, Mejia faced 25 years to life in prison if a jury had convicted him of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

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