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Virginia pushing forward on expanded decertification law


A law that would make it easier for the state to rip away a police officer’s certification is moving forward in the Virginia legislature and is getting backing from some police chiefs.

According to Fox News, the proposed expansion is being discussed widely among some states and does have some bipartisan support, but the bill in Virginia is primarily being pushed through by Democrats.

Officers in Virginia can only lose their certification if they’re convicted of a crime, test positive for a drug, or fail to complete mandatory training.

Under the proposed law, police chiefs would be able to strip an officer’s certification if they are found to have used excessive force or are lying.

Proponents say the bill prevents bad officers to jump from one department to another and closes loopholes that some officers have exploited over the years.

Opponents say it’s too suggestive and could discourage officers from performing their job.

They also worry that unfounded public complaints could cost those officers their jobs.

The law will move forward for another vote, but could become law in Virginia and other states sooner, rather than later.

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