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Viral social media post about terrifying experience with law enforcement appears to be fake


A viral Twitter post that prompted police in several Virginia departments to respond to allegations of abuse appears to be a hoax.

The posts in question were a series of tweets posted on Wednesday by user “Hermione Danger,” a 27-year-old BLM supporter who also goes by the name Kelsey Bew.

In the tweet thread, Bew claims her boyfriend was pulled over for giving a vagrant money outside of a Virginia Beach 7-Eleven, with the officer complaining that the establishment had previously reported that the homeless man was in possession of drugs.

In her post, she claims in the late-night act of charity, the officer saw what appeared to be a drug deal and conducted a stop. Asking for license, registration and insurance.

Allegedly drawing his gun and putting it to the boyfriend’s back, the officer reportedly demanded to see insurance information, which was on the boyfriend’s phone. Uncomfortable with reaching for his phone, the boyfriend asked the officer to do so before beginning to sob uncontrollably- presumably because he was afraid of being shot in the back.

“He said he’d never been more terrified in his life. And this is a man whose car has been shot at before,” Bew wrote. “He said he just knew when that gun’s Officer was pointed at his back he was going to die.”

However, subsequent follow-up investigations by the Virginia Beach Police, Norfolk Police, Newport News Police, the Virginia State Police and Hampton Rhodes Police turned up nothing.

“Alleging a traffic stop involving Virginia Beach Officers, VBPD said in a response. “We are still looking into this incident but it appears NOT to involve our officers. We are currently talking to surrounding jurisdictions to see where this may have occurred.”

“We have researched this incident and have found that it did not occur in our city,” Hampton PD responded.

On Thursday, Virginia Beach Police grew so tired of the bombardment of bad press that they responded in greater detail.

“Since this post went viral, our Department has heard from many around the country who have unfairly, and with little to no information other than this Twitter thread, rushed to judgment against our agency and our officers,” VBPD responded. “We wish to reassure the public that our officers are consummate professionals who dedicated to their jobs and take very seriously, their sense of service to their fellow citizens, and that the behavior described in the original Twitter post does not reflect the values of this agency, the City of Virginia Beach and its police officers.”

Local news station WTKR made multiple attempts to reach out to Bew (who wasn’t even at the scene of the incident, according to her posts) but has received no reply.

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