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Video: Woman suspected of shoplifting drives off, dragging police officer to the ground


A South Carolina woman is behind bars this morning after she drove off while an officer was attempting to arrest her for shoplifting — dragging him along a parking lot pavement.

This all happened Friday evening in front of a Dollar General store in Lyman, SC.

As shown on the body cam video, the seemingly frazzled woman tries to tell the officer that she has three different purses and pretends to be upset that she can’t find her license. She continues looking for it, with her back to the officer.

The cop pleads with her several times to “step out for me.” She responds, “I don’t understand, yes sir.” Seconds later, she pulls up her seat and just drives off, as the cop is shouting to her “don’t do it.”

The officer, still hanging on the door as she pulls away, falls to the ground and calls on his radio for back up.

The suspect, Kristina Marcy, then led Spartanburg County deputies on a high-speed chase into the neighboring county, WSPA reported.

She eventually crashed her car and suffered  minor injuries.

The local CBS station reported that the officer injured in the initial stop also only suffered minor scrapes and bruises.

Marcy was charged with shoplifting and assault on a police officer.


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