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Video: Woman arrested after nearly running over two officers, ramming cruiser


A woman driving on a suspended license in the Milwaukee area nearly ran down two deputies after they tried to tow her car.

23-year-old Kelvina Freeman and a passenger was stopped by Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputies after she was caught speeding on the interstate last week,

Exclusive dashcam obtained by CBS 58  depicted Freeman getting into her car and slamming it in reverse, damaging a squad car and injuring deputies while trying to make an escape.

The sudden jolt caused one deputy to fall into oncoming traffic, while the other clung to the door of the vehicle. The passenger was knocked into a concrete wall and was unable to get up.

The incident was radioed into dispatch, with the chaos of the situation audibly relayed through the airwaves.

Dispatch: “Injuries?”

Deputy: “I’m not injured. A passenger got injured.”

Dispatch: “What injuries to the passenger?”

Deputy: “Leg injury. She got smashed into a wall.”

Dispatch: “Copy. Conscious and breathing?

Deputy: “Conscious and breathing.”

The crash was caught on two dash cameras, with one deputy’s vehicle showing him scrambling to his car to pursue Freeman.

Freeman was caught days later, with what would have just been a ticket and fine turning into potentially 45 years of prison for multiple felonies and misdemeanors.

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