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Video of Winston-Salem traffic stop, arrest going viral


A video of a North Carolina officer arresting an irate woman during a traffic stop in Winston-Salem is going viral- prompting local officials to scurry in releasing the video that shows the situation from the officer’s point of view.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday morning when Officer James Carter stopped a car being driven by Tekara Williams for allegedly going 16 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Local resident Da’ton Edwards was driving past the scene as Williams was being arrested. She picked up her smartphone and began filming, posting the video on social media when she was done.

However, Edwards only began filming after the situation had become a physical confrontation, and paints the situation in a bad light.

The five-minute video reportedly only covers the altercation, which involved the officer forcing her to the pavement when she resisted compliance and arrest.

Williams claimed she was speeding because she was late for work, serving as a cosmetologist at a shopping center.

In addition to the altercation, Williams said she wished the officer had called a female officer to come pat her down and that her children were screaming in the back seat the whole time.

Police responded in a Thursday statement, saying saying that the police officer introduced himself at the beginning of the incident and told Williams why she was being stopped, but that Williams then became confrontational she was informed that the car’s license plate had been revoked, the NC-DMV had issued a “pick up order” on the vehicle, requiring that the license plate be seized.

The car -who belonged to Williams’ grandfather- was to be seized, which is why the officer tried to remove the occupants.

“That’s when the officer forcefully removes me from the vehicle,” Williams said. “I told him, ‘You are not telling me why you are trying to put me in handcuffs and trying to arrest me.’”

Edwards defended Williams, saying that she was “probably scared.”

According to The Winston-Salem Journal, the city is currently take a court order to permit the release of the police officer’s bodycam video, and that could take several days.

“The entire incident is on (police) camera,” Winston-Salem City Manager Lee Garrity  said. “We are going to petition the Superior Court judge to get permission to release it. We would be asking the court for permission for it to be released to the public.”

Both Williams and her grandparents are demanding the officer apologize for his actions.

“He forcefully entered my personal space,” Williams said. “That has never happened at a traffic stop. I didn’t understand why.”


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  1. She doesn’t have a valid license, the car isn’t insured or registered she is driving 16 over, and has the gall to tell him he pulled her because she is a black girl, and seems to think that is good reason to resist. It isn’t police who need more training, but the public. All her drama and theatrics did was get her sent to jail when she could have cooperated, dropped her kids at daycare and gone to work. Now she misses work (and it could easily be a no show because of the time that passed and she didn’t call), and it will all be the fault of the police if she looses her job, too.

    Self accountability and responsibility is disappearing fast from this planet. What will it be like when it disappears completely?

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