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Video shows officer hanging onto a car while ordering a suspect to stop


Newly released body and dash cam video shows the dramatic moments a simple traffic stop turns into a scene from a Hollywood movie, complete with an officer on a car hood pointing their weapon at a suspect driving the moving vehicle.

According to the AP, Dennis Guider Jr. had been stopped by Carroll, Iowa, officer Patrick McCarthy on March 5th, 2021. During the stop, McCarthy found an outstanding warrant in Guider’s name and ordered him to step out of the vehicle.

The video of what transpired next was only released during the sentencing hearing that took place this month.

After Guider refused to get out of the car, McCarthy attempted to physically remove him from the vehicle. Guider tried to pull away and McCarthy stepped in front with his weapon drawn. Guider then hit the gas and McCarthy jumped on the car’s hood.

An assisting officer’s dash camera captured the chaos that happened next as McCarthy rode the hood, eventually the roof, and was then thrown off the vehicle breaking his back.

Guider’s attorney argued that McCarthy failed to follow his training.

He was ultimately given five years for the forger case and resisting arrest.

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