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Video shows ex-tennis star James Blake shaking hands, chatting with cop who took him down


New video has been released today in the wrongful arrest case of ex-tennis star James Blake.

Earlier this month, an undercover officer with NYPD tackled Blake down to the sidewalk outside a Midtown Manhattan hotel, after mistaking him for someone else.

Now, new surveillance video obtained exclusively by The NY Post shows officer James Frascatore and Blake “shaking hands and casually chatting” just moments after the violent takedown.

After the two shake hands, Frascatore is also seen patting the ex-athlete on the shoulder a few times.

The cop and other officers start to walk away from the scene, outside the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Blake follows them, then pats lead Detective Daniel Herzog on the arm, the Post reports. Then, it appears Blake and Frascatore start up another casual chat.

While Blake seems to have a very calm demeanor throughout this portion of the video, that quickly changed three days later, when he publicly demanded that Frascatore be fired for police brutality.

Blake reported this week that he had a very “productive” meeting with Mayor Bill de Blasio, while discussing a push for more officer training. He also told reporters outside City Hall that he was willing to respect the officer’s due process.

Frascatore reportedly used force to take down Blake because he thought he may be armed with a knife. Blake was mistaken for a suspect in a credit card scam and shortly before the sting, a delivery company identified a man resembling Blake as a suspect in that case.

Frascatore and the other detectives involved were accused of failing to properly report the incident to their superiors. Frascatore, also accused of using excessive force, has been placed on desk duty.

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