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Video shows courthouse scuffle with 18-year-old escalate to OIS in Canada (graphic content)


A young man from Quebec was non-fatally shot in the head in a Canadian courtroom after assaulting a police officer with his own baton.

18-year-old Steven Bertrand was in the Maniwaki courthouse on Wednesday when the incident went down, reportedly stemming from an argument with a Constable.

The young man reportedly seized the Constable’s baton and began hitting the lawman on the head. Fearing his sidearm would be the next thing to be taken from him, the Constable opened fire, hitting Bertrand.

The entire incident was recorded by his cousin, Chis, Lacaille, and has been viewed well over a million times.

“He is fine. He was touched close to the eye. The bullet has ricocheted up to the neck, but it is fine. He will get by. No problem to the brain, everything is beautiful! Thank god, “ Lacaille wrote on Facebook.

According to LeSoleil, Minister of Justice Stéphanie Vallée has called for an end to the many threats made towards the officers by individuals who became angry after watching the video.

“Threats, words of this nature can lead to accusations,” Minister Vallée said. “We must be reserved not only in what we say in everyday life, but also in our comments on social networks. We can be shocked by the images we see. One can be shocked by a situation, but to answer that way, to respond with violence, no matter in what situation, it can have a boomerang effect. I find it totally unacceptable to make such comments on social media.”

The incident -which highlights local police complaints regarding a lack of staff in courthouses- is under investigation.

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