Home News Video: Sheriff Normand scolds press, states “Devon Martes is not the victim”

Video: Sheriff Normand scolds press, states “Devon Martes is not the victim”


Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand unleashed a tirade of criticism surrounding the application of the “victim” label to a 17-year-old who attempted to shoot a deputy on Tuesday night.

The Sheriff exclaimed that 17-year-old Devon Martes -who was caught by a deputy trying to steal rims from a storage lot- was “not the victim” because he attempted to open fire on his deputy.

Martes’ firearm malfunctioned, giving the deputy a chance to return six shots, fatally hitting Martes.

Normand produced a freeze frame from the CCTV footage that captured the shooting, showing the two individuals locked in a standoff, pistols pointed at each other. As the camera zoomed in on the freeze frame, Normand expressed his disgust over the fact that such a situation could occur “over frickin’ truck rims.”

The Sheriff went on to say that his deputy was “one of the luckiest men in America.”

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  1. But..but…an innocent young man was brutally gunned down by a bloodthirsty fascist.. Oh, wait, I’m not an anti-law and order, pro-criminal, socialist propadandist trying to blame LEOs for the death of every thug-life wanna be who’s too stupid and lazy to support himself with an honest job. looks like a good shoot to me. Give the officer a week or two off to destress, have the guys in his precinct get together for some downtime, and thank God that LEOs do better firearm maintenance than oxygen pirate thuglets.

  2. It’s a shame that a young man lost his life over a stupid set of truck rims. However, if you are dumb enough to draw down on a police officer you get what you deserve.

  3. This notion that the criminals are the “victims” when they are caught and when they resist arrest, or WORSE, try an kill police, is PURE LIBERALISM!!! Its the science of “VictimHood”, perpetuated by Obama/Clinton. THe Democratic party and the Liberal judges. The Democrats are STUCK with this philosophy, because if they stop defending the criminals, if they stop blaming police, they wouldn’t win another election ever!!
    Pretty f***d up when you think about it. In order to stay in political power Democrats are obligated sacrifice police, Veterans, the Military and Law and order . Even when the KNOW better.


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