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Video released showing Ahmaud Arbery’s arrest for shoplifting a TV from Walmart in 2017


More police camera footage has surfaced in relation to the Ahmaud Arbery killing, providing clarity on the matter of the slain man’s 2017 arrest for shoplifting.

The incident, which involved the Glynn County Police, showed Arbery and three minors being detained outside of a WalMart, took place on December 1 of 2017, not long after he was stopped for suspicious activity in a park.

“Tell me about the TV,” a police officer asked Arbery.

“TV? What? We don’t have any TV,” resplied Arbery, wearing his signature parka from a prior incident.

“What about the 65-inch TV?” the officer inquired.

“Sixty-five-inch TV?” Arbery clarified.

“Do me a favor,” the officer said. “All of you take a seat.”

“Take a seat for what?” Arbery seethed, becoming agitated. “I don’t know nothing about no TV. … I don’t steal no TV.”

Arbery repeatedly attempted to get up, claiming he had a receipt. Eventually, he is outed by a man who claimed he stole the TV and is placed into the back of a cruiser.

The video ends when the three minors are taken into a back office at WalMart.

According to the New York Post, the outcome of the shoplifting arrest is not clear.

Arbery was killed earlier this year by former GCPD officer Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael. Both face murder charges.

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