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Video released by police in China on how to deal with knife attacker goes viral


A twelve-second instructional video by the Chinese Police (“Jing Cha”) gives an unexpected and hilarious tip on how to survive a knife attack.

The video depicts a Baoshan-based officer standing at attention, prepared to deliver his block of instruction alongside three other armor-clad policemen.

“Today, we will teach you what to do when you encounter a knife-wielding assailant,” he said with all seriousness.

Approached by a simulated knifeman, the officer took off quickly, screaming “Help! Police.”

In short, if you live in China and are attacked, please exercise more “flight” than “fight.”

The video was posted onto the Hubei Shiyan Police Department’s Weibo account, a social media site in a country with heavily-censored internet.

While humorous, the video also pokes humor at the Chinese habit of making copies of things created in the west, with the original source appearing to be a satirical video by a US Army soldier who goes by the moniker “Mr. Obnoxious.”

The Chinese video has received tens of millions of views in its home country.

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