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Video released of man trying to steal officer’s gun while bystanders just watch


A man tried to take off with an NYPD cop’s gun outside a college in the Bronx, Tuesday night.

Police say, it all happened along the sidewalk outside Monroe College, which is just six blocks away from where the suspect, Ronald Santos, lives.

According to a criminal complaint, Santos told the cop: “You don’t understand. I need your gun.”

A nearby surveillance camera shows several people standing around as the two men start to struggle. Apparently, no one stepped in to help, except for a school security guard who rushed over to assist in the arrest — about 45 seconds into the confrontation.

The video obtained by the NY Daily News, shows Santos trying to pull the gun from its holster. As he tries to grab the weapon, the cop flips him to the ground with one hand.

“The officer holds the gun out with his left hand to keep it from Santos, struggling to put it into his holster, which is on his right side. Eventually, he gets it into his left pocket.”

The 27-year old suspect was charged with attempted robbery and felony assault. He has no prior arrests, according to the Daily News.

Officer Gyasi Thompson- who was working a paid detail outside Monroe when the incident occurred –suffered a knee injury and was treated at a local hospital.


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