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Video released: Iowa officer overdoses after being exposed to fentanyl during traffic stop


Newly released body cam video shows a Fort Dodge Officer nearly died while performing a routine traffic stop after fentanyl got into his system.

According to KCCI, the officer stopped Kayla Potter for a traffic stop and took her into custody after she gave him a fake ID and information.

While the officer was inspecting her vehicle he came into contact with an unknown substance.

That substance, believed to be fentanyl, somehow got airborne and the officer breathed it in.

He immediately began feeling lightheaded and called for medical help.

When the medics arrived on the scene, the officer was already unresponsive.

They gave him two doses of Narcan just to revive him.

The officer is now recovering at home.

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  1. This is our problem. It’s that danm illicit and illegal Street Drugs like fentanyl that are our main problem!
    That poor innocent officer could have died because of the illicit and illegal fentanyl, but nobody cares about this truth! We Need to get all the Correct information out there because all the Largely Skewed information and outright Lies have done nothing except hinder our progress! The people with addiction are still Not getting the help they really Need either. All our government has accomplished is to Cause More deaths, problems with addict’s, Forcing innocent CPP to suffer inhumanely, allowing all the police and paramedics to die from it also!
    all of the truth is out there, but people are too lazy to do the research and they just believe our government who has been extremely Crooked for many many years and proving that to us over and over!


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