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Video released in fatal shooting of drunk driving suspect who attacked officers during traffic stop


Video footage from a controversial shooting in Oregon last December has re-surfaced in light of news that the officers involved will not face charges in the shooting of 31-year-old Michael Tyler Jacques.

In the video, an apparently impaired Jacques can be seen inside of his minivan, failing to comply with the instructions of Bend Police officers after being stopped due to suspicion of intoxication.

At one point, Jacques became violent, pulling an officer in and attempting to punch him in the head. When the liberal application of tasers and pepper spray proved ineffective in subduing Jacques, the suspect then attempted to flee, forcing officers to open fire on the driver in order to avoid a situation where Jacques could run over bystanders or police.

Five shots in total were fired by the officers. Following the engagement, one officer appears to slip on the ice as he attempted to get out of the line of fire.

While the officers are reportedly not being criminally charged, there is currently little evidence as to whether or not they will face any civil suits in the incident.

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