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Video released of fatal OIS of man armed with knife near Colorado State University


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An officer-related shooting that took place in the vicinity of Colorado State University over the summer has once again surfaced, showing the hair-raising event from the perspective of one of the officers.

Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS) and Colorado State University Police (CSUPD) released the body camera footage from the July shooting, which documents the fatal shooting of armed suspect Jeremy Holmes.

Assumed to have suicidal intent, Holmes reportedly told his mother that he was intending to kill his brother and sister-in-law, leaving the house with a knife. Both of his intended targets were located on the college campus.

“My son, Jeremy, has just left the house, and he said he is going to go kill my other son,” Susan Holmes told a dispatch operator with the City of Fort Collins after calling 911. “He said he is going to charge the police, so he will die today.”

FCPS transferred the matter to CSUPD, who were already stacking officers around the dorms where the brother was located.

Knife in hand and begging to die, Holmes was spotted by a CSU officer and repeatedly told to stop and drop the knife. Closing distance and failing to comply, Holmes pressed on, claiming he was going to kill the officer.

Backing up about 100 feet, the CSU officer requested backup and was quickly joined by Erin Mast, a female officer from the Fort Collins agency.

When the officer attempted to switch to Taser, Holmes began to lunge with his knife. Now dangerously close to the CSU police officer (well within advantageous range for a knifeman), Holmes forced the hands of the officers, who fired a total of six shots and killed him.

“The officer was doing everything he could to de-escalate,” said CSU Police Chief Scott Harris.

Police said Holmes had mental issues and his mother claimed he was having a suicidal reaction to THC.

According to CBS Local, Fort Collins Interim Police Chief Terry Jones said his officer showed up at just the right time, aiding her brother in blue when he needed her most.

“If you notice on Officer Mast’s video, just how close Mr. Holmes got to that CSU (police) officer, it was surprising the threat stopped as fast as it did,” Jones said.

Still, behind the mental illness, the knife and the circumstances, Jeremy Holmes was a person. Susan Holmes said her son was a brilliant, and insightful person, who graduated high school with honors. Jeremy Holmes was designing a video game at the time of his death.

Unlike video games, however, life has no reset button.

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