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Video released in arrest of social worker following traffic stop in Houston


There are a few common sense approaches to dealing with being pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

These common sense approaches DO NOT include jumping out of your car and immediately yelling at the officer as he calmly requests your driver’s license.  They do not include refusing to get back in your car when the officer tells you to. They also do not include calling 911 to claim that the officer is harassing you as he continues to patiently ask for your information while standing there with a non-threatening body posture that reads, “are you kidding me?!”

Yet the woman, 28-year-old Earledreka White, couldn’t believe she was being placed under arrest so much so that she resisted and garnered additional charges.

White is now fighting those charges, but audio and video have just been released that clearly show her being combative with the officer throughout the entire traffic stop.

White was originally pulled over for crossing a double white line – something that would have simply been a ticket or perhaps even a warning.  Instead, she spent two days in jail and had to post a $1,000 bond, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The surveillance video of the traffic stop with the corresponding 911 call are at the top of this article, so readers can make their own determinations about the series of events.  One thing is clear however.  All of this could have been avoided if White had simply not been so combative with the officer at every possible opportunity.

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  1. Thanks obama for making our officers jobs more difficult! The BLM has been empowered by obama’s stance on the police and therefore more people are using the “I’m being harassed” routine when they don’t want to comply!

  2. Kudos to the police officer for doing his job, she was out of control!!! She was treated like any other American would be treated if in the same situation.

  3. She has been coached to act as she did. More situations as this will be taking place. BLM has indicated that compensation will be claimed, and the way cities have been settling frivolous claims BLM is right.

  4. From the moment she opens her door she is obstinate, rude and non-compliant. Only the courtesy and consideration of the LEO were not reciprocated. She acts like she is the officer, giving commands as if she has some right to dictate how this event will occur.

    It is remarkable in this day and age that a person can expect some kind of special treatment because she has a dispute over the nature of the stop. On my beat, she would have not made the first call. You can either comply with a lawful order or be detained in custody.

  5. She should loose her job for lying. In all her statements she said the officer came at her in an aggressive manner with his handcuffs out but yet in the video they are not in his hand and when he does go to cuff her he pulls them from his duty belt. She also says to the 9 1 1 operator he is about to tase me but yet the officer never once reaches for his taser. She caused all this drama. IF she had gotten back in vehicle like she was told to do there would not have been an issue. The officer acted as I am sure most would in this situation.

  6. This lady forgot how to treat police officers! She lied on the phone that the officer was being loud and that she was in a garage…she reflects what some believe – ‘they do not have to obey the request of police officers anymore! He was extremely patient with the lady…until it looked like he got a msg on his radio system (on his shoulder) to take action.

    She got just what she deserved!


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