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Video released of suspect wanted in multiple shootings run over by police (graphic content)


YouTube video

(Secondary camera angle posted below)
Dash cam video has been released of a police officer intentionally running over a woman who was a suspect in multiple recent shootings.  The suspect, Madison Dickson,  also opened fire on officers during Saturday’s fatal incident.

Dickson was suspected in the shooting of a man in a vehicle last week. It’s not known if she was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the shooting. Dickson was also allegedly involved in a theft at a Best Buy store on March 11th, in which she discharged a firearm.

Dickson also allegedly shot a woman on March 12th, which appeared to be an attempted carjacking that went south after the woman froze and didn’t exit her vehicle.

YouTube video

For a full a more complete background on Madison Dickson and the alleged crimes that led to her fatal encounter with law enforcement, see here.

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  1. Let me hear one person say that this was unjustified. She pointed the gun at the cops. I would have run her over too.

      • Huh? The officer used reasonable force to overcome the resistance of the armed suspect. That looks like a school in the background. Using a car to overcome her resistance was the most prudent option available to the officer without endangering the surrounding community,giving the circumstances presented to him. Reasonable officer standard. Justifiable homicide. Method is irrelevant.

      • with a screen name of fritzhead your response to a justifiable action by the police about sums you stupid life up!!

      • And why would you be charged with vehicular homicide that officer was defending his self and the only way to stop the threat was to run her over if he would have got out his car the time it took for him to do that he would have been shot or this fine outstanding woman would have gotten away after shooting at police You sure your not a left wing dumb ass ???

      • not necessarily. If you only had one way to drive away and she pointed her weapon at you and or fired, you’d be justified…

      • Fritz, you are an uninformed, well I won’t use language that I might. I taught Use of force at a Sheriff’s Academy as well as firearms. And a car beats a bullet every time! If you might be stuck in a position where you can not exit the vehicle safely you are fully authorized to use the vehicle to protect your own life and that of the public.

        BTY: Been there, done that.

        Retired Sheriff’s Department Captain.

      • If someone is shooting at you would you stop and arrest them? Shoot back or do as he did? Did you NOT SEE the gun or hear the shots?

    • Oh, there won’t be because she isn’t a pathetic thug with brown skin. The Liberal Scumbags don’t waste their time on Cracker Criminals. Just Illegal Invaders, and ghetto stomping punk thugs. To me, including this human waste of flesh, they are all the same. Death becomes all of them!

  2. The weapon was readily available and she had previous actions to show instability and danger to society and the LEO’s. Sad to see this had to end this way. I am sure she was mentally ill. But, that is no excuse to be a douchebag.

    • you do realize there are just evil people in this world right? you don’t have to be mentally ill to act like she did.

  3. Good thinking on the part of the officer….and also a brave thing to do….she continued shooting as the officers closed in on her. He easily could’ve been hit by her gunfire.

  4. Nice parking job. Officer used deadly force vs. deadly force. That officer is a problem solver extrordinare and should be commended.

  5. This didn’t have to be done like this, the officer needs to be arrested and charged, unneeded use of violence.

  6. After all she put the victims and police through that day; to hear the satisfying thud at the end………..

  7. !. Evading the police w/ a gun
    2. shooting at the police
    3. doing this infront of a SCHOOL
    4. Officer used his resources to eliminate the threat
    5. stopped a possible active shooter or hostage situation at the school
    6. the use of pal car reduced o possibility of anyone else being shot or killed including the officers

    in my opinion (over 27 1/2 yrs in law enforcement) this officer conducted themselves in a professional manner and used the car to effectively stop the suspect and probably saved additional lives.

    great job to all officers involved……all should be recognized……

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