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Video: Pennsylvania officers on patrol attacked with rocks


Pennsylvania police officer and his backup were attacked while on patrol, with the whole event caught on dashcam footage.

Coatesville Police say 27-year old Officer Jared Davis was on patrol yesterday afternoon when a man ran toward his vehicle, throwing a large stone into the officer’s windshield.

According to CPD Lieutenant Jim Audette, the officer tried to evade the attack.

“He proceeds to try to pull the vehicle, notices in the rearview mirror this person is actually running towards his vehicle so he tries to give a little more distance between himself and the suspect. He gets out of the vehicle and the suspect attacks him,” Audette said.

Police say the suspect -29-year-old Jamaican immigrant Eric Watson- charged after the officer, attempting to hit him in the head with another rock as he dismounted his vehicle. However, Watson turned his attention to the responding officers, breaking the sternum of a detective in the struggle.

“Our officers showed great restraint by subduing this gentleman, by using less lethal force. They did use the taser on the gentleman,” Audette said.

During his arraignment, the homeless Watson told the judge to lock him up, throw away the key and deport him back to Jamaica. His bail is set at $100,000.

Despite no further attacks, Coatesville PD is on alert.

“We’re in a heightened level of awareness. Up until this point we really haven’t experienced anything here specifically in Coatesville, but this is an example of not letting your guard down,” Audette said.

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