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Video: Passing motorists help save officer’s life after he was shot by convicted felon  during traffic stop


An Oklahoma police officer was badly wounded after being shot at during a traffic stop, but is expected to be okay, thanks to the quick actions of several Good Samaritans.

On New Year’s Day, Valley Brook Police Officer Brian Southerland was attempting to pull over the driver of a pickup truck who was spotted clipping the curb moments earlier along I-240.

As the officer is walking over to the vehicle, the driver opens fire.  Dash cam video of the incident shows the officer ducking for cover, as the driver speeds off. Southerland was hit in the leg.

Doctors say one of the bullets struck the femoral artery and could have caused Southerland to bleed to death — had the passersby not stopped to administer aid.

The Dally Mail reports that one elderly gentleman, who stopped to help, grabbed a rope and stick presumably to make a tourniquet for the wounded officer.

A short time later, an Oklahoma County deputy arrived on scene and applied a medical tourniquet, which was able to curb the bleeding.

Police say they were able to track down the suspect, Cory Lee Hartsell, after receiving numerous tips through social media. They say Hartsell is a known gang member with a long rap sheet that dates back to 2008. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2013, after being convicted on larceny and drug charges, but was released early.

News 9 reports that Hartsell was arrested on Monday and is now back behind bars at the Oklahoma County Jail, being held on a half-million dollar bond. He’s facing charges of “shooting with intent to kill and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.”

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  1. Thank you sir for your assistance in saving our brother. I am also glad that they caught the person that shot the Officer. He should be charged with attempted murder of a Police Officer and ex-felon with a firearm. Get well my brother, we need you out there.

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