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Video: Orlando ISIS attacker Omar Mateen unwittingly recorded ranting to documentary maker


Orlando massacre terrorist Omar Mateen has surfaced in a documentary about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, bashing the individuals hired to clean up the mess.

Mateen made a short appearance in The Big Fix, a 2012 documentary about the Gulf of Mexico spill two years earlier.

Filmmaker Rebecca Tickell recorded Mateen on hidden camera as he casually trash talked his employers.

“No one gives a s***, no one gives a s*** here,” he angrily tells Tickell, apparently moments after meeting her.

“Like, everybody’s just out to get paid. They’re, like, hoping for more oil to come out and more people to complain so they’ll have job. ‘Cause once people get laid off here, it’s gonna suck for them. They want more disaster to happen. That’s where they’re money-making is.”

Mateen then tells Tickell that the entire operation is based solely on money.

A G4S spokesman confirmed with CBS News that the security officer in the video was Mateen, who worked for the security giant since 2007. Coworkers reported him to the FBI after making comments about having connections to Al Qaeda, setting off the first of two FBI investigations on Mateen.

G4S said that it received just one complaint about Mateen during his nine years with the company, but did not mention any specifics. While the company was aware of the FBI investigation, they never demanded a psychological re-evaluation.

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