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Video of man slapping female flight attendant on Brussels Airline flight goes viral


A Brussels Airline flight turned violent after a man attacked a female flight attendant who slapped him for spitting on her- after they failed to to help his mother-in-law as she was being “elbowed” by two men.

The incident took place on Friday morning, and video footage was shared by Carmen Moore, who recounted the incident on social media.

“A black man, his wife and family were traveling back from a vacation,” Moore wrote. “The man is complaining about TWO men who were sitting on the sides of his mother-in-law and elbowing her as she was sitting in the middle seat.”

Apparently, things heated up after the man became irate with a female supervisor, who slapped him after he spit on her.

“The man complained to the supervisor and was told they didn’t have to help him,” Moore wrote. “The female Supervisor proceeded to defend the men who were elbowing the woman when the man said something to the supervisor. She slapped him.”

Eventually, male flight attendants got involved, leading to a more serious incident.

“The men who jumped on him broke his ribs and the police drug him down the plane’s steel stairs despite the man asking for medical attention prior.”

The man’s fate is unknown, and Brussels Airlines has not commented on the matter as of yet.

Earlier today, the airline suspended all operations due to the coronavirus scare.

“Given the extraordinary circumstances caused by the worldwide coronavirus crisis, we have decided to temporarily suspend our flight operations from Saturday, 21 March until 19 April 2020 included,” the airline wrote in a statement.

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  1. So he only became enraged after the woman he spit on slapped him? Too bad. You act like an animal, you deserve to be treated like an animal. He thought he could do what he wanted without repercussion. It warms my heart to hear he was injured in the exchange.

  2. Racist woman videos her racist husband overreacting to instructions from flight crew. Racist man spits on people like an animal. Racist couple then cry like bitches when he gets what he deserves. I hope they’re both on a permanent no-fly list.

    • I hope you’re not an officer of the law. We definitely don’t need YOUR type out here giving everyone else a bad name with your simpleton mindset.

  3. To quote Will Smith: “don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’ ”
    Remain rational, calm and civil and things will be worked out.

  4. Whatever! They had to jump him. Such a coward act. Seems like all was against the black couple like always. If you look on Carmen Moore’s Facebook page she tells what happened. That man only spit while talking because he was pissed she said something crazy. He didn’t need that many people in his face escalating it.

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