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Video of Birmingham officer taking down Walmart shopper for not wearing mask goes viral


Carol Robinson

Alabama Media Group, Birmingham

An altercation between a Birmingham police officer and a woman over the woman’s apparent failure to wear a mask at a store was captured on video and now has prompted an investigation.

The incident took place Tuesday night at Walmart in Roebuck. Video of the incident has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and shows the officer handcuffing a woman who is not complying. He then picks her up and takes her to the ground.

He ultimately gets her handcuffed and she is seen in later video standing with no apparent injuries. It appears she then spit at another woman while she was in handcuffs.

Little is known about what led up to the incident before the videos were recorded. Efforts to reach supervisors at the store weren’t successful.

Birmingham police spokesman Sgt. Rod Mauldin said the officer was off-duty and working security for Walmart. He said the department is aware of the video and released this statement:

“The same day the interaction occurred immediate actions were taken for the sake of public trust and transparency.

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“A preliminary investigation consistent with the Birmingham Police Department reportable use of force protocols were immediately initiated and investigators of the Internal Affairs Division are conducting an investigation. This protocol applies for all use of force incidents that occur within the Birmingham Police Department.

“We understand we are operating in trying times. The Birmingham Police Department has maintained a consistent community oriented educational approach to the surrounding circumstances of Covid-19. As a department we have been successful in our efforts to gain compliance and cooperation from the vast majority of citizens in Birmingham. Our records indicate, we have not issued any citations or made arrests as it relates to the shelter in place ordinance or the face covering ordinance. We have made a valiant effort to gain voluntary compliance and we will continue to work cohesively with the community.”


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  1. Altercation? looks like he assaulted a woman for minding her own business. Been seeing a lot of officers assaulting people. You should probably police yourselves before more people that took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from enemies foreign and domestic realize the real terrorists aren’t in the middle east.


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