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VIDEO: LA County deputy appears to ignore shooting call to record video for ex-girlfriend


A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy is under investigation after a video shows him appearing to ignore a gunshot call to record a video to a female friend.

ABC 7 posted a video showing Deputy Jeremy Fennell is sitting in his police cruiser when dispatch radios about a shooting in Lakewood, an area that’s in his jurisdiction.

The 51-second video, where Fennel can be seen trying to perfect his ‘duck face’ and dance moves, was first reported by WitnessLA, and was posted by a woman who identified herself as the deputy’s ex-girlfriend.

ABC 7 also reports the woman who posted the video obtained a restraining order against him after an incident of alleged domestic violence at his Lakewood apartment Jan. 24.

“When I tried to leave, he would not allow me to leave. He did several things to me, like struck me on the neck, choking me out by the neck, destroying things in the house,” Priscilla Anderson told ABC 7.

Anderson say when she stopped talking to Fennell, he would send her videos. She said she has more than 100 and that she’s posted several to her Facebook page as well as sending them to the Sheriff’s Department.

She made additional allegations about his behavior and how he was taking out his frustration with her on every-day citizens.

“He would just give people tickets randomly,” she alleges. “He would send it to me, make more videos and just tell me, ‘I’m going to continue to be like this to other people until you decide that you want to talk to me.’”

Sheriff Jim McDonnell calls the videos “very disturbing.”

Fennell, who has not been charged at this point, is facing two investigations, one an internal administrative investigation and the second an internal criminal investigation. The District Attorney’s Office is also reviewing the case.

Fennell did not respond to ABC 7’s request for comment.


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